The Fundamentals Of Tennis


The Service And Drive In Tennis

Using The Tennis Drive Effectively

Tips & Techniques

Chop Stroke And The Half Volley

Court Position

Grip Footwork And Strokes In Tennis

Handling The Volleys


Service The Opening Gun Of Tennis

Studying And Countering The Opponent

The Overhead Smash

Why You Should Never Change A Winning Game



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Tennis – From its Fundamentals to its Advanced Aspects

There may be no other sport that enjoys such worldwide patronage as Tennis. Carrying a Tennis racquet in itself is a passport to many important places and people. As an ambassador of tennis you will not get lost anywhere in the world.

With so many people already associated with the game of tennis as its players, administrators and officials, spectators or fans, there are so many more on the threshold of joining this elite crowd.

For the benefit of those on the verge of participating in the thrills and other high points associated with tennis or those who are already into it, we have compiled seventeen articles split into various topics that we believe cover broadly a big segment of all salient points related to tennis.

We have written them in simple English in a manner that should be very easy for the average reader to understand and make use of to appreciate the game and also for improving their game for those who are already in it.

We have aptly covered the fundamentals including the vast array of shots and strokes involved with their significance to the game, how to play them with proper footwork and correct racquet work and as to when and under what conditions they could be played for best effect. We have explained the theory of singles and doubles and not forgotten to touch on a few of the game’s all-time legendary greats such as Brooks, Johnston and Wilding.

One of the most significant aspects of the game very often not fully appreciated by many is the psychological pressures and their advantages and disadvantages that come to bear on its players especially when playing at higher levels of the game and under unfamiliar conditions and or amidst large crowds. Some of the psychological forces created are so intense that they can transform the outcome of games.  


Please read on for more. We trust our articles will make interesting reading and will be of much use to you.


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